White Fang Entertainment


  • Brand marketing: printing, logo protection, banners, cards, T shirts, hats, and other misc. items for merchandising
  • Event promotion, sponsorship, media advertisement
  • LIVE show logistics and support (P.A., sound board engineer, lighting, transportation, lodging, venue contracts, audio/visual recording)
  • Copyright and registration (BMI, ASCAP, trademark)
  • Media management (internet,newsletters,billboards,website)

We welcome those who have an interest in these services to visit with us to discuss your specific needs. Together, we can develop a plan to further the progress of your endeavor.

  • we provide the talent and logistics for all sizes of venues and event styles
  • we issue contracts with concerns included for both venue and performers
  • local, regional and national acts of all types accessible with notice
  • event support: Sound, lighting, transportation, lodging, promotion, printing • custom design work for continuous theme presentation in all media

Please contact us for a free consultation on a special event, or your ongoing booking needs. We look forward to working with you to enhance the entertainment value of your venue.

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Contact: Bill Hoy


Phone: 918-857-8595

White Fang Entertainment
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