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The Tulsa Talent Showcase is a series, as well as special event nights, at different venues around the Tulsa Metropolitan area. It features a different music group each event, playing their best of originals with some cover tunes and attracts venue owners, booking agents, record label A&R staff, and fans of the group. Guest artists are invited to perform (following the performance of the featured act).

We heavily promote the event in different media outlets and place posters around town prior to the date. We set up a merchandise table to recruit new fans for mailing list and event invites, sell specialty items, take photos with the members, and other activities during their break between the two sets. We recruit sponsors to underwrite and participate in the promotion.

We audio/video the performance for LIVE streaming and viewing as well as photos to be shared in social media after the event.

White Fang Entertainment Group / Tulsa, Ok / 918-857-8595

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Tulsa Talent Showcase
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